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enough to protect our citizens. >> no single piece of legislation or action will fully address the problem. >> a comprehensive change will need to include a look at mental health care issues, according to the president. >> can you give us more specifics on the ban? >> this would call for 100-plus automatic weapons banned but it would exempt several hunting weapons. it will ban magazines, drums, strips that have more than 10 rounds of ammo. the president said he would support a ban on assault weapons. >> hi jackson, thank you -- hallie jackson, thank you. rick perry is pushing in the opposite direction. advocated arming schoolteachers on campus. >> if you have been duly background and trained and you are a concealed handgun license caring individual, you should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in the state. >> he called the connecticut shooting event evil but said major gun-control legislation is not the answer. >> school systems are taking a look at their safety procedures. sarah sampson is live with more on that. >> the goal is to identify with day are doing well and wha
something quick. >> a top ceo is hoping to jolt them into action. he wants employees to write " come together" on the coffee cups. >> i am maintaining my optimism that we will see the republicans and administration come together and do what is right for the country. >> starbucks has a message for the players in washington and is taking out an ad in "the washington post" featuring a quote from lincoln. will it work? we will see. hallie jackson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 6;09. 37 degrees at the airport. >> former president george h.w. bush is transferred to intensive care. we will have an update. >> i giant aquarium suddenly collapses. >> everyone has that fear when they stand by it. it is terrifying. the wind is picking up today. >> this is a live picture of the qtw=!n >> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:13. 41 degrees downtown. see that spotlight above the city? that is the moon. it is almost a full moon. the roads are wet rather than a sheet of ice. there are a few sprinkles in delaware. york county is seeing some flurries at this hour. nothing major but a few flurries are possible. a few
the tragedy of sandy hook elementary and the topic of gun control as heated up. as talk of legislative action increases, so do gun sales. gun sales across the nation of spiked as people fled gun stores to buy weapons that are legal now but may not be if new legislation passes. maryland is no exception. as the police say there were more than 7200 gun purchase applications filed in november. following the shooting in newtown, connecticut, those numbers appear to be spiking. >> we do not have numbers for december but we expect more than 8200 purchase applications to be processed. >> in 2011, more than 46,000 purchase application for processed and by the end of 2012, state police project at least 62,000 would be handled. the recent cold snap claimed its first casualty here in maryland. health officials say a frederick county man described only as at least 65 years old died of hypothermia sometime between december 18-24. state health officials are urging people to be prepared for the cold weather. they want you to cover your head, where layers of clothing and to keep your feet warm and dry. last w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3